Chronicles of Knitterly Misadventures

The first FO of 2009
February 18, 2009, 4:19 pm
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For Mom’s birthday gift this year. I also want to bake her some lemon poppy-seed cookies, but I have no idea how well they would fare in the mail, so I guess that can wait until she and Dad come to visit. I knit her a red Swallowtail shawl last year, but she left it behind somewhere. I’ve decided since that I don’t mind if I have to knit her a new scarf every birthday and every Christmas; mothers should be kept warm!

This was a quick knit; the Kidsilk Haze was a little fiddly at first simply because it’d been so very long since I knit with lace weight, but the pattern was ridiculously easy to memorize. I find some weird gratification in knitting repeats like this, when I can watch the scarf grow and know that I have a finite number to go. I could knit lace forever and ever and ever and ever. Knitting with the Kidsilk Haze was, like I always say, like stringing wisps of cloud through your fingers. I’ll wait and see how well the scarf wears, as the yarn seems awfully fragile.


Drive By Posting
January 7, 2009, 9:47 am
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A new FO:

More when I get around to taking better photos of it. Oh, and happy new year!

September 18, 2008, 8:04 pm
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Finally, finally I have a bit of knitting to show you. Gretel seems like one of those patterns that everybody and their mother has knit, but this time I can see why. The pattern is one of the clearest and most detailed I’ve ever seen, versatile (you can knit a fitted, “regular”, or slouchy version), cleverly designed in the way the crown decreases are laid out, and interesting to knit. I have been eyeing this knit for a while after seeing so many cute versions in Rav and the blogosphere, so it seemed about time to make one.


The only snag I hit throughout was my own idiocy when I didn’t realize I had lost count of where I was in the pattern and was trying to knit the T3F, T3B row twice. Malabrigo has always been one of my favorite yarns; it’s warm, soft, and doesn’t itch the way most wools seem to for me. I will say that it’s hard finding a colorway I like. Polar Morn is the sort of gray seen in a cloudy February morning sky.


It’s a weird phenomenon that I’ve noticed, but it seems that the older I get, the younger I look. I promise I can provide hard evidence that I’m twenty two, but I could pass for fifteen in this photo. I suppose later on in my life I’ll be grateful, but right now it’s more of an annoyance than anything else.

After a second blocking,
May 9, 2008, 6:34 pm
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This is what Zetor looks like:

The hole in the middle of the shawl is the result of my being a little too aggressive with a T-pin. I’m not incredibly worried about it; I think that I can probably correct it the next time I wash and block the shawl. I’m very pleased with the result, ultimately.

May 1, 2008, 2:32 pm
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Zetor, finished.

Lacey Lamb is, as it happens, cobweb weight, which makes for a very fine, delicate shawl. It’d be nice to wear over a tank top and jeans or a thin summer dress. I was thinking about knitting a Butterfly from my leftovers, but on second thought it seems really too lightweight for a garment. I’m seriously considering displaying this on my wall. Seriously.

Back on a roll!
March 21, 2008, 3:22 pm
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I’ve been stash busting this month. It’s remarkable, really, how much yarn I’ve acquired in the last three years, especially when you consider how small my living spaces have been.

The most perplexing skeins to use up were these vivid red and yellow skeins of Cascade 220 I’d intended to use for my own Gryffindor scarf and Hermione’s cable & bobble hat, only to find that the yarn was too heavy for the scarf and the hat seemed to be jinxed particularly for me. So, here I am with two skeins of blood red and lemon yellow wool- the latter a color I can’t pull off (yellow + my Asian skin = blech). What do I do with them?

The hat was a great knit, also a one day project. Instead of threading off the stitches, I grafted them, which created an effect I liked MUCH better. I have to wonder, however, when I’m going to learn that my head is just a touch bigger than most of the heads that hat patterns are written for. From cast on to cast off I had a nagging feeling that I should add a fourth repeat, but the superstition about the number four has been too deeply ingrained in my psyche. Long story short (too late!), with three repeats, the hat is quite snug on my head and doesn’t completely cover my ears, but it should be quite warm for next fall anyhow.

(For those who don’t know, the number four is about as bad luck for Chinese and Japanese as the number 13 is in American culture. For us, it’s bad because the word for ‘four’ sounds a LOT like the word for ‘death’. In Taiwan the hospitals don’t have fourth floors)

Here Comes the Sun
March 3, 2008, 8:35 pm
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New Jersey winters have a strange yellowish gray quality to them from about mid to late November or even mid October to early March. It seems to rain and ‘ick’ about as often as it snows, and is probably one of the more dismal winters I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. The Springs, on the other hand, are gorgeous; balmy weather, clear blue skies- I’ve missed New Jersey Springs more than anything, more, almost, than Seattle summers.

Lately I’ve been getting depressed realizing that I could be finished with my BA this summer if I hadn’t needed to take time off school, so between training for my EMT-B license, I started a pair of socks to remind me a little bit of Spring.

Pattern: Charade Socks, available on Ravelry by Sandra of I May Be Knitting a Ranch House.

The color was perfect, and elicited just the sort of reassurance I was hoping for. I’m not sure what this particular colorway is called, as it was a Yarntini-Pureknits sock club exclusive. While it does make for a lovely pair of Springy socks, it was quite splitty and a nuisance to knit with, at least while using sharper needles like my Inox DPNs. I don’t remember having the same problem with the two other skeins of Yarntini I’ve knit with, so hopefully this one was just a dud. The pattern itself is quite simple and straightforward, one I’d even recommend to a first time sock knitter. If you can slip stitches and do yarn overs, knits, purls, left and right slanting decreases- you can definitely knit these socks.

They were finished this morning and taken out for a gander around the neighborhood with my ancient little dog, just in time for the glorious weather this afternoon- sixty two degrees Farenheit and sunny.