Chronicles of Knitterly Misadventures

At Last
November 30, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Now that I have Cindi Lauper in your head, here’s some brand spankin’ new knitting to show you:

That, my friends, is a pair of Merletto Mitts (Ravelry link) knit from one skein of Sundara Sock Yarn as received through the Seasons Yarn Subscription. It was my second time knitting with Sundara, my first since she became so popular with my fellow knitters. I don’t understand the fascination; yes, the yarn practically glows in the skein. Yes, it’s wonderfully squooshy and soft and delightful to knit with and wear, but honestly? It’s yarn. There are millions of skeins out there just as beautifully dyed, just as beautifully squooshy. I think I’ll pass on the Sundara safari, thanks.

These mitts though? Perfect for chilly days, of which there are many out here on the West Coast. I love them already, and can’t wait for the chance to wear them, which should come soon.

I decided to put the Central Park Hoodie into hibernation for the time being and focus on other things. Next in line is a pair of Maine Morning Mitts knit from a skein of Classic Elite’s Stormy in a particularly ugly shade of orange and the Estes Vest from this fall’s Interweave Knits.


November 5, 2008, 6:59 pm
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No matter what side you were pulling for, it is undeniable that this is a most momentous time to be living in America.