Chronicles of Knitterly Misadventures

September 30, 2008, 9:46 pm
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Thanks to my technological clumsiness my computer is in the shop. I just got a call from them asking if I wanted to pay a $150 I don’t have to upgrade my hard-drive and keep my data. This of course means that all of the knitting pattern PDFs that I’ve paid for are gone. All things considered though, the total of all the patterns (around $30) doesn’t come close to the cost of keeping them, and aside from a few pictures I never look at anyway, they’re the most important things I have on my computer. Plus I guess buying new copies of the PDFs could be considered a way to support indie designers, which in my book is always a good thing. Thus it would appear that there really is always a silver lining, thank you Annie.


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that stinks! i saw a conversation on ravelry about this lately, and i think it’s worth writing to the designers to ask them to replace your pdfs. i know that i would replace one of mine that was lost since you can verify purchasers (thru the ravelry store at least)

Comment by Sara

Oh, that’s actually a great idea! I hadn’t thought to do that because I was so sad about losing the patterns. It should be possible to verify purchases through Paypal too, I imagine.

Comment by Lily

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