Chronicles of Knitterly Misadventures

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September 24, 2008, 6:14 pm
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One (1) Central Park Hoodie, affectionately known as CPH.

Last night I had to call the cops to lodge a noise complaint; starting at 02:30 in the morning, my neighbors were out on their balcony talking loudly and completely ignored my (very polite, all things considered) requests to keep their volume down. They didn’t even acknowledge my presence. At 04:30 I called the police. At 6:15 an officer called my cell phone, at which point I had already fallen asleep and they had already gone inside, so I had to very foolishly tell him that the complaint was no longer valid. Once I was fully awake I realized there had been a lapse of two hours between the time I’d called and the time he’d arrived, and no longer felt bad about not calling back to cancel.

Lesson learned #2:
If you’re thinking about calling the cops for a noise complaint, any time of day, do it right away. It’s the kind of call they only go to when they’re really bored, and if you wait an hour and a half and there’s already a lapse of two hours before there’s an available officer; more likely than not the offending neighbors will have already gone to bed, even if you think they might be vampires.

Lesson learned #3:
Cats don’t learn. A few days ago, Sirius was playing his favorite game of catch the blind pull, slipped, and got his foot caught in the strings. For a good 10 seconds he was dangling and cursing up a storm- I couldn’t even get close to help him. Two hours later, he was right back up there.

(Life Lesson #1)

It’s all good though, because I have this to make up for it:

That, my friends, is five skeins of Beaverslide Dry Goods Worsted Weight in Spruce Heather. I’ve already started the armhole shaping on the backpiece of the cardigan and ordered a sixth skein of the stuff, which is heavenly. I mean, it isn’t the best quality yarn I’ve ever worked with- in fact, it’s quite frustrating, with all the splitting plies and the knots in the skein (yes. There are several knots in the skein, like there were breakages and the company was too lazy to fix it so they just tied the pieces together), but I’m willing to forgive its faults for the stunningly rustic fabric it creates. Delish.


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That’s crazy about the BSY. I’ve never had a knot. But I have pulled it apart while trying to tie a knot 😦

Hope you wet blocked your swatch cause it GROWS! πŸ™‚

All that aside it’s beautiful & I love my sweaters out of the stuff. Totally worth it after a good wash πŸ™‚

Comment by preita

Oh, fudge, I should have thought to wet block the swatch! Oh well. I like over-sized sweaters anyway, so it shouldn’t be so bad. I’ve only used the one skein so far and wound a second, which didn’t appear to have any knots in it.

Comment by Lily

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