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Really Great Chocolate Chip Cookies
September 17, 2008, 3:00 am
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I had a craving. Correction: I’ve had a craving for the last three and a half weeks, specifically for the kind of  chocolate chip cookies so gooey and sweet they stick to your teeth and require a glass of milk to wash down.

I’ve been a longtime follower and now fan of 101 Cookbooks. Heidi’s recipes are vegetarian, but you can easily adjust them to your friendly neighborhood meat eaters. Her Spinach Rice Gratin got my manly man of a boyfriend devouring spinach, tofu, and Gruyere cheese, so I said to myself- if one dish could accomplish so much, what can two dozen cookies do?

Answer? They can satisfy a three week craving coming perilously close to torturing me for a whole month. These cookies are beasts of chocolate chip cookies, chock full of chocolate, sugar, and butter. They melt in your mouth. They do, quite literally, stick to your teeth. And yes, you need a glass of milk to wash it all down after.

Tomorrow they are going to work with le boyfriend to feed him and his hungry coworkers. Next time, I’ll make them some baked (rather than fried) doughnuts- can’t stop ’em from eating them, but I can see that they eat healthier ones!


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