Chronicles of Knitterly Misadventures


My knitting roll (with jam, etc.) has hit a snag. I’m in the home stretch of the High Neck Cable- seriously, I have about two inches to go and I’m done- but I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn to finish. I decided to set out and knit the Hemlock Ring for T, and hoped to get it done by the time he comes to visit sixteen and a half days from now, but the needles I ordered won’t get here until Friday. To even attempt to finish a blanket in thirteen days seems like, I don’t know. Insanity?

Now I’m just waiting to hear back from Missa and Jessica to see if, by any chance, they have just one more skein of Suri Merino in shade 411, dyelot 3860. Sigh.


What to do, what to do?
January 24, 2008, 3:31 pm
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I have two skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool. That’s 950 yards of the second yummiest wool I’ve ever held in my hands.

It’s supposed to become the Hemlock Ring blanket for T, but I’m really tempted to scrap that idea and knit myself the Notre Dame Sweater from IK Summer, 2007 .

If I knit T a blanket he won’t be able to take care of it; his apartment is too small to lay out a blanket to dry after it’s been handwashed (which he won’t want to do), he probably won’t like the lace pattern anyway, and he’ll probably wind up spilling all kinds of unmentionable liquids on my lovely wool. But! He is my beloved, and in 3 years I’ve only knit him this pathetic little penguin, he was so impressed by the Swallowtail I knit for my mom, and can you imagine my beloved wrapped up at night in a blanket I knit for him? Doesn’t that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside? (or is that the wool?)


Introducing . . .
January 21, 2008, 12:23 am
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Mrs. Darcy:

and Salina:

Both were very easy knits, and any mistakes I made were purely my own fault and usually resulted from my laziness rather than any kind of, you know, devilry with the patterns.

Mrs. Darcy was knit from Rowan’s Yorkshire Tweed. I love the look of the yarn knit up; very timeless and cozy. The pattern is written for one size only, and Mary must be a really tall, skinny beanpole of a thing- the armholes are a bit of a squeeze for me and the sleeves turned out to be about four inches too long for me to wear without folding the cuffs over. It’s not a great sweater for cold weather, obviously, unless you can wear it over a turtleneck. It’ll look great over a pair of jeans, though, maybe with a white shirt, and I’ll save it for when the weather gets a little warmer later in February.

Likewise Salina’s a very simple, timeless sort of sweater, although she’s simple almost to the point of austerity. I like the moss-stitch on the collar, cuffs, and hem; it’s subtle, but keeps the sweater from being boring. The shell buttons called for are luminous, and treasures in their own right. This is the sort of sweater I could imagine wearing on a crisp Autumn night, or after dark in Seattle, and something I could conceivably wear for the next twenty years if it holds up well enough and I don’t gain a significant amount of weight. There’s a little bit of a hole on the cuff of the right sleeve which I still need to darn, and will do . . . eventually.

This weekend I received the Cascade Eco Wool I need for the Hemlock Ring blanket, and I’m still chugging away on the High Neck Pullover. I’m trying very hard to be good and not buy one of those drop spindle kits from Hello Yarn so I can justify buying a Kromski wheel a few years down the road. *headdesk*

You knit, you learn
January 17, 2008, 9:14 pm
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Lesson #1- Don’t get lazy, get smart
Laziness in knitting or anywhere else is no good. While I try to demolish my laziness, I must tell myself I am capable of finding smart, time-saving techniques without compromising my results. For F’s sake, I spend far too much time knitting my garments to skimp on finishing them.

I set out on my second Salina intending to achieve a professional looking garment as opposed to my usual rustic, home-made look. I’d heard about this method of using k2tog to attach sleeves and decided to try it out. On Salina, it resulted in this nastiness:

Yuck. Not that bad, but not professional or polished either. This is what she looks like now:

Time and denial made me forget the second glaring mistake (other than my awful photography skills). Do you see it?

If you guessed that one sleeve is at least an inch longer than the other, you’d be correct. Last night I made the decision to rip back a few rows in the longer sleeve instead of adding some to the shorter; I’m not certain I have enough yarn to knit few more rows and attach both sleeves. I probably do, but if I have to tear out a chunk of this sweater again I think I might, you know, tear out my hair or something.

Long story short: Cutting corners doesn’t cut it. Take the extra few minutes- you’ll thank yourself later. (Boy oh boy, now I’m starting to sound like Monk)

Scoreboard for today:

Me: 0

Mediocrity: 2

First post!

How that distinguishes this from any other post is beyond me. This winter I’ve been juggling the High Neck Cable sweater from Blue Sky Alpacas and the Mrs. Darcy cardigan by Mary Victoria. I made the personal vow to finish anything I started, so I picked up Mrs. D again last night and finished attaching and weaving in the ends of the first sleeve. I swear I remember finishing the second, but I can’t find it anywhere, so now I’m trudging through the first 36 rows of twisted rib. Again.

Here it is one armed, and begging me for a third blocking:

I’m using Rowan’s Yorkshire Aran Tweed in a deep purply plum color. It knits up into a beautiful fabric, but it drives me crazy how extreme the thick-thinness of the yarn is, and it doesn’t feel particularly sturdy. The buttons are also from Rowan- I don’t know the exact serial # anymore, but they’re gold filigree from Jimmy Beans Wool. They look nice, but they’re too small for the buttonholes, so I may need to get a second set when I acquire the shell buttons I need for the two Salinas that have been sitting in my closet.

Next time:

  1. A  finished Mrs. D.
  2. Progress shots of High Neck Cable, v. Frosty
  3. Progress shots of Central Park Hoodie, v. Blizzard

Stay tuned!